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That's our group here in LA that recently changed the name to SBS.  Used to be Sexy Brown Sugar -- and still hella sexy! -- but catching the trend for shorter abbreviations.  Signed by independent label Soundbomb.  100% independent; it's all good!  SBS, Soundbomb, Playa4Life --- all starting up from the streets, underground, but we goin' to the top, baby!

SBS got its start in the underground and was top-rated on the Internet MP3 downloads with some down-and-dirty raps.  They're not gutter dirty anymore but they're still keepin' it real!  They're headed for the top and Playa4Life is going with them!

In yo' face! Provocative! Controversial! Sexy! Keepin' it real!  

You entered the freshest site on the web!  Bringing the latest in hip hop gear to your front door!  You want it tomorrow?  Hey, just holla'!  And why don't 'cha kick it and enjoy the entertainment while you're at it!

OUR SPECIALTY:  Urban wear with a sports and hip hop flava!  And a whole lot of attitude!

From LA, we are a group of aspiring rapper wannabes and sports fans, on the trail of cheese & stock options like everyone else in Cali --- keepin' it real here, yeah we lookin' to get paid but we are NOT amateurs in business --- but putting out a product that's fresh!  We are building a brand here y'all and we want to earn your support by providing customer satisfaction! 

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urban wear New Free Cyber Cards: Another reason to visit this site on the regular:  To send free cyber greeting cards to your peeps!  Click here!   Check back for other new features to be added!

urban wear New Line of Thongs: These will be coming up shortly!  We're working with our suppliers for the launch!

urban wear Do Rags: Got a source to do the do rags!  These will have some fresh designs.  Check back later and see whasup with this project!

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